Instant Photo Services

Instant Photo Printing Services

We have grown again. proudly launches our own Instant Printing Services.

Thankyou everyone for the generous support!!

Spice up your wedding and events with a piece of memory that your guests can take home! Introducing – Instant Printing: a memorable gift for your guests to keep, talk about and display!

At, we are photographers dedicated to the art of telling stories. Let the special moments in your life be preserved as a piece of art.

Here’s what you can expect with EdmundPhoto’s Instant Printing services:

1. Unlimited Prints + Live Projection are included in all packages.
Pictures for your guests and at the same time, delight everyone with a live projection of smiling faces, happy people and laughing children!

2. Wireless Transmitting
Photos are wirelessly transmitted to our assistant who will make sure everyone looks good before printing

3. Photo Quality
Ink jet printing is the worst form of printing for an event. We use the best Dye Sub printing process (using heat to transfer dye onto medium materials) Transferring the ink between the solid and gas states without going through a liquid stage – yada, yada… in short, it means you get photo quality as good as from the professional labs.

4. Printing speed – 8 sec for 4R
Something even The Flash would be proud of.

5. People
We’re a people business. We have only one KPI and that is to see smiles on the faces of your guests.

Why not give it a go? For a sample or a demo, contact us at

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